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Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools to help you change behaviors.  Whether you have tried unsuccessfully before to change a pattern or this is your first try, you can find success. 

Will power alone is not enough. Hypnosis breaks through our critical mind going deep into the subconscious.

You can then break and change old patterns or habits replacing them with the patterns of the intelligent, confident you.

Although deeply relaxed, you are awake and aware during the sessions.

Listening to recording of session while sleeping, allows your subconscious to hear the message repeatedly.

It provides you with the confidence and power to flourish.

Are you ready to get Healthy, Lean and Fit?

This idea has been deep inside of me for a long, long time. Thanks to the pandemic and the sheltering in place orders, I decided that it was time to bring it to life.

Each week there is a one on one hypnosis session. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, Zoom or video messenger. You will receive a recording of the session to listen to when going to sleep each night. When we make changes, consistently over multiple days, weeks, and months is crucial for success. During these weeks, you find that each session strengthens the previous one.

Week 1- Let’s talk. I want to hear about your goals, your intentions, so that I can build any personal nuances into your sessions. This week session is titled Lap Band Hypnosis. Being at a healthy weight is imperative to living a long and prosperous life. Most of us know what we should be eating and what is not good for us. This session gives you the power to eat less, while choosing the right foods that will help you lose excess weight. If weight loss is not one of your objectives, this session can be modified accordingly.

Week 2- After we discuss how the prior week progressed, our focus will be on the week’s hypnotic session- Being Healthy, Lean and Fit. Building on last week, the emphasis will be on eating healthy, weight loss / maintenance, and exercise. Three key components of a healthy lifestyle.

Week 3- Priority this week is Eliminating Bad Habits. It’s time to do away with those habits that have been plaguing us, holding us back. This could be a variety of things ranging from smoking, nail biting, road rage, snacking, etc. These are your habits that you know must go.

Week 4- I feel it important to close with a customized session designed specifically for you. By now, I have gained a good understanding of your desires and struggles. My goal here is to give you any added confidence and power you need to step into the shoes of a Healthy, Lean and Fit person.


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