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Gift Certificates - Holiday Sale

Gift Certificates for these Akashic Record Readings are specially priced for your gift giving.

Certificates can be sent via email or USPS.

Recipient can contact me via phone, text or email to schedule appointment.

All certificates are valid through 6/30/2022.

Buy one to gift and one for yourself!

Reading Descriptions

Primary Energy



$15 savings​​

Gift Cert - Energy Center

Spirit Guide


$45 savings

Gift Cert - Spirit Guide




$​25 savings

Gift Cert-Soul RA

3 package



$35 savings
Gift Cert - 3 session pkg

Life Lesson Reading

Life lessons bring value to our life without having to make different choices.  Lessons are more like themes from both negative & positive karmic consequences.

With this reading you will learn:

  •      primary life lesson
  •      secondary life lessons
  •      level of completion
  •      Current aspect & life area
Gain awareness to enhance your life experience- playfully, joyfully and fully.

Life Lesson Nov Special - 50% savings