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As you may imagine, the quantity of information that is available in your Akashic record is vast.  So, where does one start?

I recommend to begin at the beginning - the beginning of your soul - with a Soul Realignment Reading.  This reading provides you with the basis of who you are at a soul level.  It has the answers to all the questions listed below and much more. 

Future readings are customized based on what you need - your intentions.

  Follow - up sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes or one hour depending on the need.

Majority of readings are one hour in length.  

What questions can be answered?  What else can you learn from the Akashic Records?  Continue scrolling to find out!

Soul Realignment Reading

Discover the makeup of your soul. 

Identify the  personality traits of your soul group.

Learn about your Primary Energy Center's  positive, negative & dysfunctional aspects to enable you to make choices and take action in alignment with your Divine gift to manifest abundance.

Are there blocks & restrictions from past life affecting your current life experience?

What actions can you take to clear these restrictions?

Learn the answers to these questions and others with a Soul Realignment® reading.

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Primary Energy Center Reading

Our souls are comprised of 8 energy centers - Compassion, Manifestation, Order, Love, Communication, Truth, Power, Wisdom. Of these, we have been gifted with one being our primary energy center. Acting in alignment with your primary energy center is essential to manifest the life of your dreams. Understanding the positive, negative & dysfunctional aspects of your primary energy center will allow you to make the right changes, the right choices to manifest that life that you see.

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Listed below is a brief description of various readings that are offered.  Readings are often customized by blending  some of one with some of other, so that the root cause is identified and clearing work is specific to you. 

A listing of more readings can be found on the "package specials" page.  Readings can be purchased as part of a package or individually. 

See the request a reading button below to learn more.  Let's talk!



Chakra imbalances can be found at our third dimensional physical body and the fourth dimensional mental and emotional aspects.

As our choices direct energy to our chakras, imbalances are created by both over- or -under activities.

This reading reveals the amount of energy flowing through each chakra highlighting the focus of our lifestyle. This insight allows us to make the right changes.

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Spirit Guides

In the soul profile reading, you learned the number of guides that are presently with you.

With a spirit guide profile analysis you gain valuable details about who your guides are at a soul level, their soul group, their energy center, their vibrational rate, and their area of expertise.

This knowledge will help you open yourself up to their guidance as you make decisions that align to your divinity.

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Life Situational

Are new situations popping up in your life? Are there specific issues you are encountering? Do they appear to be coming at you from all directions?

It may be time for you to peel away another layer through additional clearing work.

A life situational reading looks at all the various factors going on in your life to find the energetic root cause and identify any blocks and restrictions that need to be cleared.

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Understanding ourselves from a soul perspective is of utmost importance. Isn't understanding our loved just as important? We learn who we are and who we are not through our relationships.

A relationship reading is designed to encourage both people to see each other from a soul's viewpoint. Gain insight of their soul profile, understand how blocks and restrictions may be affecting them negatively, and what actions can benefit the relationship.

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Life Lesson

What is the theme for your life? What lesson did your soul choose to examine during this lifetime so that you could fully express your divinity?

Explore the primary theme and any secondary or complimentary themes. Learn how they are currently showing up in your life - helping you recognize these lessons to create more fulfillment.

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Property Clearing

We are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned with our soul.

As we change, we have to ask ourselves if our home and property is still in alignment with us.

Energetically realign your property with a property clearing reading.

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Manifesting Blueprint

Do you feel like you are working hard, doing what you think is right, but still not getting where you want to be?  Would you like to know how the manifesting process works best for you? 

As each of our Soul's Blueprints are different, so is the way we should go about making our dreams come true.  The uniqueness of your combinations is defined in the Akashic Records.  Find out how you are designed to manifest and how you are currently resonating to your blueprint. 

Learn how you can honor your soul and your physical being to create the life your desire and deserve.

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Life Area Analysis

In the Manifesting Blueprint reading you learn how your soul was designed to manifest and how you currently are resonating to your blueprint.

The Life Area Analysis digs deeper.  This reading breaks down how you are resonating to the 7 comparatives by the life areas of Profession, Finances, Romantic Relationship, Family, Friendships, Health/Wellness, and Rest/Relaxation.

This level of analysis pinpoints the crucial areas where adjustments are needed to achieve abundance. 

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Vital Force Energy Analysis

Working along with the Manifesting Blueprint Comparatives, the Vital Force Energy Analysis reading details how you are currently resonating to these  comparatives under the creative forces of Health, Money & Sexuality.

When a person is experiencing lack in one of these three areas, they are experiencing a lack of creative power.  We are here now to CREATE. 

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Can the Akashic Records Predict the Future?

Whether your goal for the coming year is to increase your income, find that perfect relationship, grow your business, lose weight or something else entirely,  ask yourself:

  • Is the outcome you want probable in your desired time frame?
  • Are the action steps that you are taking the right ones at this time?
  • Are you experiencing results or are things going a bit awry?

Learn about your comfort level and how your past actions predict the likelihood of your success. Thereby, preparing you for what lies ahead -further motivating you to succeed with ongoing support to monitor progress and take quick corrective action.

You will understand:

  • the amount of energetic vibrational shift that is required to accomplish your goal
  • how your action steps play into that vibrational shift
  • what action items align to your divine gift to bring you the greatest "bang for your buck"
  • what is needed to maintain that vibrational change.  For once we hit our desired goal it is critical for us to maintain that new vibrational rate to stay at that goal level.

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