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a little bit about me

Your life experience is limitless.

Sonia Parso

Hello. My name is Sonia Parso. I live in a small rural community of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I love traveling the back roads of this country - meeting new people and exploring out of the way places.

Around 15 years ago, I realized that my purpose in this lifetime was more than achieving success in the corporate world. Beginning my practice of therapeutic hypnosis with Reiki energy work led me to the understanding of the importance of our past lives and how we benefit now from this knowledge. With this awareness, I became certified as a  Soul Realignment® practitioner and advanced my studies to level 3.  As a Shamanic healer and  certified life coach, I integrate these multiple modalities to empower you.

Each day I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given to help others gain insight into their true selves, understand more about their loved ones, and how they can have the best life experience possible. 

Training / Certifications

Therapeutic Hypnosis - Hypnosis Motivation Institute, 2008

Past-Life Regression Therapist -  American Hypnosis Association, 2008

Handwriting Analysis - Hypnosis Motivation Institute, 2009

Certified Specialist Hypnosis & Weight Loss - American Hypnosis Association, 2009

Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis Motivation Institued, 2009

Usui Reiki Healer Levels 1,2 - Kyrstina Morgainne,. 2009

Soul Realignment Practitioner Levels 1,2,3  -  Andrea Hess LLC, 2018-2019

Soul Manifesting Blueprint- Andress Hess LLC, 2019

Reading the Future in the Akashic Records - Andrea Hess LLC, 2019

Soul Realignment for Business and Financial Abundance - Andrea Hess LLC, 2019

Spiritual Life Coach -  JVP School of Mystical Arts 2019

Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites, Kyrstina Morgainne, 2020

Certified Life Coach - American Union of NLP 2020

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - American Union of NLP 2020

Certified Hypnotist - American Alliance of Hypnotists 2020

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Sonia was able to help me understand some blocks in my life due to some very specific situations she told me occurred from my younger years. There is no way Sonia would have known any of this. By ​helping me to realize my soul was hanging on to these issues and by doing this simple exercises to eliminate the blocks it has helped me tremendously. Sonia is honest, compassionate and trustworthy. - KN

Sonia really explained what made me - me and how I could improve my life.  Great job.  And a big thank you!  - DE

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading.  I am so looking forward to doing this work.  - SB

Thank you so much.  The reading was fascinating and really really good. - EG

Since the reading I feel like I am seeing the patterns of things you talked about. - CD

Thank you, Ms Sonia for the perspective that I needed.  I am grateful to you. - PH

There's been a huge shift and it's still fairly early into the clearing work. - FM

 I have felt a change.  I feel more at peace, focused and positive.  I am more aware of the kinds thoughts I choose to have.  Thank you for your help and guidance.  - HL



I will be at the events below.  Come on by and see me and all the other great vendors.

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Dec 4

 Akashic Records & your Primary Energy Center Workshop @ the Crystal Barn

1331 E Noble Avenue, Visalia CA


Jan 29

Understanding your Manifesting Blueprint @ The Crystal Barn

1331 E Noble Avenue, Visalia CA


Feb 20

 Presentation:  How your past life  affect this lifetime @ the Unity Center

 2900 S Bernard St Spokane WA



Akashic Records & your Primary Energy Center Workshop @ The Lotus Spokane

3026 E Fifth Avenue Suite B Spokane WA



Understanding your Manifesting Blueprint Workshop @ The Lotus Spokane

3026 E Fifth Avenue Suite B Spokane WA


May 21, 22

Goddess in the Garden Festival

Hwy 41, Oakhurst CA

Upcoming Workshops


PO Box 96

Auberry CA  93602

[email protected]