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Align yourself

to the Divinity of your soul


Each one of our souls is unique. 

Knowing the makeup of our soul enables us to live this life fully. 

 As an energy healer, I blend various energy modalities to facilitate healing through clearing of past life block and restrictions with current life circumstances.

 Your Akashic record is accessed to retrieve only practical, useful information that has precise, focused transformational value. 

This knowledge along with Reiki, Hypnosis and Shamanic healing practices empowers you to understand how your choices - negative or positive - affect your life. 

Thereby, allowing you to make decisions to maximize your life experience. 

Akashic Records

Since we were young children, we have seen and visited libraries. Shelves and shelves of books documenting time, places, people, and events. The Akashic Records are more than that. It's a super highway of energetic information that resides outside of time and space.

The term Akashic is derived from the Sanskrit word "Akasha", meaning "ether."

In Hindi, "Akash" means "sky" or "heaven".

Thinking of the Akashic Records as this energetic database, every Soul has its own record storing each action that we have ever made. Our choices make a powerful impact on all other dimensional aspects of our existence, including the fifth dimensional aspect. As there is no linear time in the fifth dimension, the whole story regarding all these choices is available to us within the Akashic Records.

With a Soul Realignment® reading, I access your Akashic Records to gain the necessary details to help you clear any prior negative choices and learn how the right decisions manifest abundance.

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